The Inkpack Conception

We are living in interesting times. I incorporated the INKPACK in January 2020 with a plan based on research that I had carried out for the previous two years and then of course we all know what happened next. Let me tell you about the conception of that plan.

My name is Joseph Martin Morrison-Meade and I published my first crime novel at Waterstones in Glasgow Scotland October 2018.


  • 90% of Constant Book Consumers or what Stephen King refers to as his Constant Reader have already exhausted their favourite authors and are looking for someone new to read.
  • 1.8 million disadvantaged children in the UK are unable to read properly and by 2025, low literacy will have cost the UK economy £32 billion.
  • More people than ever before are writing books.
  • Less than 10% of Published Authors can make a living wage from their book sales.

“Publishers are catering to modern consumers who are reading books in different formats across different platforms, but still showing a very significant attachment to the printed word… today’s statistics prove that society’s love of books in all forms shows no sign of waning.”

Stephen Lotinga, CEO, Publishers Association

Like many things that have happened this year none of this adds up and none of this makes any sense. Maybe it is just me…

Please get in touch, it is good to talk. I hope that you will work with us.


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